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The Second International Aircraft Engineering Summit 2015


In recent years, with the continuously rapid development of civil aviation, especially the ice-breaking of general aviation policy,  the quantity of civil airplanes has boosted. Meanwhile, MRO market is also booming tremendously,which will make China the fastest growing MRO market in the world. The huge market is a great opportunity but also a challenge. Currently, there’s still a competency gap between China civil aviation maintenance industry and the international advanced level. The low-cost & differentiated services will become the main stream in China. 
Meanwhile, people’s expect towards air planes goes further than flying. Surfing the internet, watching TV, entertaining and relaxing during a trip have gradually realized. To perfect the flying experience of passengers, major airlines and aircraft manufacturers are devoted to optimize and upgrade airborne entertainment facilities, aircraft interiors, aircraft seats, etc., aiming to grab a larger market share. Sinicized interior design is the new trend of development in the future.
In view of the above situation, Golden Commercial and Civil Aviation Maintenance Association Of China will join hands to hold ”Shanghai International Aircraft Engineering Summit 2015” in Shanghai on June 10-11, which is also supported by ASCE CHINA 2015, to have in-depth discussion on the market trends and technology development situation of aircraft maintenance and aircraft interiors, aiming to boost China aircraft maintenance industry and push it to a continuously growing prosperity.
Hot Issues
1.Implementation and Comprehension in Relevant MRO Policies
2.Present Status and Future Prospects of International MRO Industry
3.To Promote the Market Development and Overall Design Concept of Aircraft Interiors Industry
4.Newly Developed Materials In Aircraft Interiors
5.Aviation Seating Materials and Innovation
6.Opportunities and Challenges of IFEC in Internet Era
7.Developing Trend of Global Aircraft Engine
8.Maintenance Engineering Management and Risk Control of Aircraft Engine
9.Maintenance and Management of General Aircraft Such as Helicopters, Business Jet, etc.
10.Catching the Cooperation Opportunities in Developing China Aircraft Engine Industry
11.Maintenance Management and Interior Refit of Aged Aircraft 
250+ Participators
15+  Speakers
10+  Relevant Administration Officials
50+  Airlines and Maintenance Enterprises at Home and Abroad
8+   Aircraft Manufacturers 
20+  OEM
20+  Aeronautical Material Suppliers 
50+  Aircraft equipment, parts and interiors suppliers
Understanding the latest tendency of MRO market to seize opportunities and meet challenges
Presenting the latest aircraft interiors design of aircraft manufacturers and airlines
Understanding the demand of China civil aviation and general aviation
Enhancing brand images and strengthening Chinese aircraft interiors market share
Acquiring latest innovative concept and design of aircraft seat, entertainment system and airport kitchen
Promoting communication and cooperation among major airlines, aircraft manufacturers and aircraft interiors suppliers to integrate industry resource
Learning and exchanging the selection, innovation and market experience of aircraft interiors among major enterprises 

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