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It has been six years since ASCE CHINA was firstly held in 2013. Each year, worldwide professionals from aviation industry gathered in Shanghai to collect the latest information of industry market and products, to seek for business partners and to take an active part in the industry summit. In order to promote aircraft engineering industry’s market development, and to enhance a win-win cooperation among aviation services suppliers, airlines, aircraft manufacturers, airport groups. Golden Commercial, the organizer will specially hold the 4th International Aircraft Engineering Summit, the International Aircraft Engineering Supply and Demand Meeting, the Aviation Supplies Buyer Meeting, the International General Aviation Conference and other kinds of activities during the expo. The combination of expo and summit is aimed to enhance a mutual understanding and friendship between the supply and demand parties as well as to improve the international competitiveness and influence of aviation services field.
Major exhibits
• Aviation Engineering and Service: MRO & Engineering, aero-material, aero-equipment, aviation electronic and electric, aviation information system, cabin equipment and supplies, rapid prototyping & 3D printing technology, emergency rescue equipment, aviation fuel & oil-saving technology, aviation finance and leasing, training and service;
• Aircraft Interiors and Refurbishment: Cabin equipment and management system,aircraft seating,in-flight entertainment and communication systems, galley/stowage system and gallery inserts, materials (including aluminum, metals, steels, composites), lighting/LED and accessories, soft furnishings, upholstery, textiles & leather, cabin cleaning & veneer materials, cabin cleaning & sanitary products, aircraft interior design and refurbishment;
• Aviation Service & Supply: Travel catering service supplies, cabin and ground services supplies, aviation cleaning supplies and equipments, occupational uniform& bags, airport retail and duty-free goods, wearable devices aviation& aerospace models ,etc;
• General Aviation: General Aviation aircraft, helicopter, material, Aviation electricity, onboard equipment, aircraft and emergency rescue, general aviation operating, infrastructure and service;
• Unmanned Aircraft System: Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), pneumatic/structure/general/design/materials, control and navigation, task loading, power and energy equipment, communication and data link technology, aerospace electronics and equipment;
• Airport Facility and Operation: Airport facilities and technology equipment, airport security and inspection, airport CUSS & touch technology, green airport and EMC lighting reform, air traffic control, air logistics technology equipment, etc.
During the exhibition, tens of thousands of professional visitors and representatives of each area are gathered under one roof to celebrate this industry pageant. Related areas include aviation, aerospace, weapons, ships, universities and research institutes, air force, Navy, police, weather, surveying and mapping, environmental protection, electric power, railway, marine, civil affairs, as well as trade.
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