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Artificial intelligence has been embedded in the entire process of the aero engine industry


Artificial intelligence (AI) is an emerging technology that is further developed in the information age. Aero Engine is the "crown jewel in the crown" of traditional industry. Recently, Colin Paris, global vice president of GE, the international engine leader, announced that artificial intelligence has been embedded in the entire process of the GE Aero Engine industry.The aero engine is a complex steel entity, and the core of artificial intelligence is a series of program code. A technology called "digital twins" can put the engine into a "computer". General Electric first uses the "digital twinning" technology to build a digital "twin" for the aeroengine, and then combines with artificial intelligence algorithms to form a "smart model." On the one hand, the model can assist engineers in optimizing the aeroengine design: intelligent “designers” can provide 4-5 designs first, and engineers can choose the best. On the other hand, the model can also predict engine faults in real time, such as damage to the compressor or damage to the coating corrosion, optimizing the engine detection frequency.
In the manufacture of engines, it is possible to directly increase the production speed through intelligent manufacturing techniques, such as controlling the thermal barrier coating by machine vision technology, and using intelligent algorithms to optimize the production line design to achieve the highest efficiency. In the use and maintenance of the engine, intelligent algorithms are used to optimize the aero-engine usage scheme to achieve maximum efficiency with minimal fuel, while using machine vision technology to detect failed or broken parts. In addition, GE has developed an intelligent robot for the inspection and repair of blade coatings.Paris pointed out that artificial intelligence has played a subversive role in the traditional aero engine industry. Intelligent detection technology reduces the traditional engine blade inspection time from 20 hours to 20 minutes, and greatly saves manpower and avoids personnel error. As of 2017, GE has conducted millions of “digital hygiene” projects that have helped the company save tens of millions of dollars in costs.
Paris said that the new aero engine is one of the main focus areas of GE in the future. The company plans to invest $210 billion in the aero engine and gas turbine industry over the next 20 years, and the active application of artificial intelligence technology is expected to bring greater profits to the company.


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