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China Eastern Airlines 2019 summer and autumn season opened 108 new routes


On March 31, China Eastern Airlines began to implement the summer and autumn flight schedule. It is reported that the capacity of China Eastern Airlines in the new navigation season increased by 10.6% compared with the same period of last year. Newly opened 108 international and domestic routes and encrypted 224 routes. China Eastern Airlines will have 82 international and regional navigation points, and the number of domestic navigation points will increase to 183. The daily average number of flights will exceed 2,600. More than 300,000 passengers travel daily on the Eastern Airlines flights around the world.
In terms of domestic routes, China Eastern Airlines plans to open 90 new routes and 166 encrypted routes. In addition to continuing to strengthen the hub network construction in Shanghai, Beijing, Kunming and other places, the new flight season of China Eastern Airlines has also accelerated the route expansion of the Xi'an regional hub. East China's various destinations will launch routes from Xi'an to Xinjiang, reaching 7 cities including Urumqi, Yining, Kashgar, Korla, Karamay, Turpan and Hotan. The opening and encryption of these new routes will enable the masses of passengers to more quickly reach the “poetry and distance” they are longing for.
In terms of international routes, China Eastern Airlines will open several new international routes such as Shanghai - Budapest, Shanghai - Hanoi, Shanghai - Yangon, Shenzhen - Bangkok, Guangzhou - Nagoya, Xi'an - Singapore, Qingdao - Dubai, Qingdao - Paris. At the same time, China Eastern Airlines will also encrypt existing international routes such as Shanghai, Prague, Madrid and Dubai.
For this year's "May 1" holiday plan, China Eastern Airlines will adjust the flight plan in a timely manner, and will increase the capacity of the popular tourist routes by replacing large aircraft to meet the travel needs of passengers during the "May 1" holiday. 
In addition, many of China Eastern's wide-body models will also be put into popular tourist routes, such as Shanghai Pudong to Sanya, Hong Kong, Taipei and Manila, Bangkok and other routes will be replaced by wide-body machine implementation.
With the promotion of China Eastern's "internationalization" strategy, China Eastern Airlines will make extensive efforts in international routes during the new season. Since March 31, on the 8th anniversary of the opening of China Eastern Airlines' Shanghai-Roman route, China Eastern Airlines MU787/788 Shanghai-Roman round-trip route will use the newly introduced Airbus 350-900 aircraft to fly, creating elegance and comfort for passengers. Air trip. This is also one of the first international long-haul routes that CEA regularly uses the latest Airbus 350 aircraft. On many international long-haul flights, passengers can not only taste the specialties with destination flavor, but also experience the warm service of foreign flight attendants wearing Eastern Airlines uniforms.
Before the start of the new season, China Eastern Airlines was officially opened at the new transit hall of Terminal 1 of Shanghai Pudong International Airport. After the transfer passenger arrives at Pudong Airport, it can directly complete the transfer procedures of international transfer to China, domestic transfer to international and international transfer through the customs and inspection counters in the new transfer hall. Compared with the previous transfer process, the passenger transit time is greatly shortened, the walking distance is also greatly reduced, and the flight experience is greatly improved.


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